Tony Cushenberry has lived in Oconee County since 1983.   He attended UGA on an athletic scholarship and played his heart out for Wally Butts.  After college he had a 30 year career in the airforce flying jets and his call name was “CRUSHER”.   Tony retired to Athens and worked for the athletic department as an assistant athletic director for 15 years.   Growing and planting has always been a passion of his and the fruit of his labors are available for all to enjoy.

In 1995 we planted about 150 Riesling vines which didn’t do well in Georgia.  After a bit of research, we landed on Scuppernongs, a hybrid of the native muscandine grape.  Vitis rotundifolia, or muscadine, is a grapevine species native to the southeastern and south-central United States from Florida to Delaware, west to eastern Texas and Oklahoma. It has been extensively cultivated since the 16th century.  Most people enjoy simply eating the grapes but they are great for jams, canning and or making wine.

Harvest is best from the end of August to the first of October.  We welcome groups!

Whether you want to pick-and- eat your own or try your hand at wine making, you are sure to enjoy your time at Crushers Grapes.   The farm welcomes you along with their friendly Blonde Lab Jake!